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Your customers demand big results from your brand.

Exceed their expectations by taking advantage of our wide range of services and skillsets, backed by a team of commercial and industry experts in the Sports, Health and Wellbeing sectors. We understand your business’s needs and we know your product audience. Expedite your consumer impact and market growth with our breadth of solutions.

Our Services


Product Development

From startups building new products, or a business reviewing existing ones, nailing the foundations of product development are essentials.

Topodium Active kick-starts your process with strategy workshops, creative concepts and ideation, alongside resource and financial planning, before then helping to  steer your journey to launching something truly industry-leading.

Facility Design and Build

If brands and products are the foundations, then facility design and build really is the bricks and mortar of your business.

Whether you’re building a brand new facility or innovating a space within an existing venue, our experienced team will support you through the necessary steps to conceptualise, design, equip and ultimately build out a commercially sound environment ready to set you on the road to success. 

Programme Development and Design

Programmes and curriculums are a key differentiator in a crowded market. How are you delivering exciting and innovative programmes that engage and develop existing attendees, whilst also attracting new ones?

Are you one-step ahead of the competition with the depth and breadth of your programme? The Topodium Active team will support you with programme strategy and the writing of innovative products, too.

Equipment Design, Development and Manufacturing

How does the equipment you purchase position your brand to customers? Are you leading the way with innovative equipment for your customers to use, giving them what need before they realised they needed it?

From design and sourcing of innovative equipment to one-off feature equipment pieces we’ve got you covered.

Merchandise, Uniform and Apparel Design, Development and Manufacturing

Your first impression is key… so a focus on what you wear should be high up the priorities list… let us work with you to establish what you need, how you want it to look and leave the rest to our experienced design and manufacturing team.

Once you’ve got the team kitted out for success we’ll help you build out a merchandise range for your customer, perfect for expanding your brand presence and driving new revenues.

Strategy and Consultancy

Business Planning/Strategy

Need help to map out your future journey? Require a fresh pair of external eyes? Topodium Active works with you to ensure your plan is commercially sound and set for success.

We’ve helped businesses and brands to better plan for a successful future.

Product Strategy and Roadmapping

You’ve got a great idea for a product but you’re not sure how to turn it into a successful business.

Topodium Active will realise your vision, and support the mapping of the necessary steps  to get there.

Health and Fitness Consultancy

Boutique studios and independent gyms, to leisure centres and large chains… we’ve experience with them all. 

If you’re needing support, our team will work as an extension of your own to get you where you want to be with expert agility and industry knowledge.

Commercial Consultancy and Funding

Requesting investment into a business, concept or idea isn’t easy; nor is writing bids or  business funding plans.

Let our experienced team support you through the process, aiding in the development of proposals, presentations, bids, pitches and tenders.

Marketing and Communications Consultancy

In collaboration with our Topodium Marketing division, we know how to expertly position and market your brand and business.

Our marketing experts, coupled with our detailed  knowledge and understanding of the sport, health and leisure industries, means you’ll no longer need to worry about  your place in the market. Stand out for the right reasons with communications and marketing consultancy.


Off the Shelf Training

From customer service, First Aid and time management to sales training and management development, our off-the-shelf training courses are a must-have toolkit for those working within the sport, health and leisure sector.

They can be delivered as open access or an in-house programme. We even offer a white-labelled training solution so our training is delivered under your branding.

Custom Training

With experience of writing custom training courses for businesses across the world, our experienced training team will work with you to understand what you’re looking to achieve.

We research the most suitable ways to deliver and engage your trainees and help you report back on success and progress measurement.

Approved Training Centre

Is delivering accredited training, or being an approved training centre on your do-to-list?

Topodium Active analyses your existing training, then maps it to National Standards before supporting with a business model for delivering accredited training, alongside a full ROI commercial plan.

Business Management Training

We’re experienced industry managers and have managed teams and run companies across the world. Generic business management training only gets you so far, but using our team of industry experts takes the management of your products and brands to a completely new level.

Don’t just invest in management training for your key team members, invest in sector-specific business management training.


Development and Review of Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures, risk assessments and all things Health and Safety are the cornerstones of running a safe and secure operation.

These are the vital parts of your business and require expert diligence and attention. Our team will take what you have, understand what you’re missing, and provide a robust audit signalling what’s working and where improvements should be made.

Day-to-Day Operational Management and Support

From running a gym floor to delivering a world-class customer experience on your front desk, our team have decades of first-hand experience.

Topodium Active can power your delivery or simply support your operational team. Our team work as an extension of your own, maintaining quality and consistency for your customers.

Programme Delivery

Are you looking to deliver a specialist programme but don’t have the trained staff? Or are you looking to outsource the delivery of large scale event so you can focus on other business areas?

No issue, we’ll recruit, train and embed a team of expert deliverers right into your business, you can even promote them as your staff under our white-label programme!

Staff Recruitment and Selection

Recruiting staff is key to the successful growth of your business. We provide an expert staff recruitment and selection process for sports, health and leisure businesses by guiding you through finding staff with the right skill sets needed to bring your brand to life.

We even trade test them and provide you with a training plan for developing them within your business.

Stock Warehousing and Fulfilment

Got a product or merchandise range that needs shipping direct to customers? Require  multiple facilities that need items from a central source?

Topodium Active warehouse and fulfilment services take care of the logistical hassle and removes the costs of managing your own facility.

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