Digital Marketing

Health Check

Analyse the effectiveness of your brand health, online marketing activity, and social media.

Our Digital Marketing Health Check is your first step towards greater insights, new opportunities and valuable strategic advice from industry experts. 

Digital Marketing Health Check

As with any type of health check, we want to make sure you’re in optimum condition and that there are no underlying issues or surprises. 

Our Digital Marketing Health Check is your base-camp for ensuring your tactics and strategies are delivering conversions, enhancing your brand, and meeting your business goals.

With consultancy calls and the guidance of our Topodium Group marketing experts, we’ll provide you with valuable insights and trusted marketing know-how to identify what’s working, what requires essential action, and provide you with clear steps to swiftly take your business to the top podium.

What are the Benefits of a Digital Marketing Health Check?

Understanding your digital marketing activities, proving your marketing worth, and identifying opportunities to refine your current strategy are key.

Are you certain that those hours spent posting on social media are paying off? Are you producing hundreds of blog posts but seeing no increase in web traffic? Can your audiences and customers even find you online?

Not only will we analyse and identify what’s working and what could do with some care and attention, we’ll also explain why in our consultation session – no jargon, no selling, just sharing our knowledge.

Don’t worry if you have no marketing plan or strategy. Our Digital Marketing Health Check is appropriate for all sizes and types of businesses, and is a great foundation tool to build on.

The Check can also help you track and analyse digital projects to ensure correct implementation, attribution and monitoring of results. Alternatively, the Digital Marketing Health Check can be used as a benchmark document in your marketing audit process.


    Digital Marketing Health Check
    Digital Marketing Health Check

    The Process


    Digital Marketing Health Check

    Step 1 - Submit Questionnaire

    For both Entry and Enhanced Level Marketing Health Checks we’ll send you a simple and easy to complete questionnaire to help us get started on producing your marketing report.

    For the Enhanced Marketing Health Check, we’ll throw in a quick kick-off call so we can get to know your business and goals that little bit better.

    Step 2 - Receive Marketing Health Check Report

    Sit tight, the cogs are turning and ideas flowing. Our team of marketing experts are analysing your digital and online activity with qualitative and quantitate data.

    Your Marketing Health Check will be sent to you along with an easy link to book in your consultation and review call.

    Step 3 - Consultation and Review Call

    For Entry Level Marketing Health Checks, you’ll receive a 30 minute review call where we’ll present your key actionable items and talk through the report, and answer any questions you may have.

    For the Enhanced Level Marketing Health Checks, a 45 minute review will provide plenty of time to get to grips with your helpful and relevant takeaway actions, and pick the brains of our marketing experts.

    Digital Marketing Health Check

    “Our Digital Marketing Health Checks contain a quantitive and qualitative overview of your current marketing activities, and include plenty of marketing tips and key actionable items which you can apply directly to your business immediately. Our consultation call adds extra value, all in the name of growing your brand, driving growth and providing return on investment for your digital marketing activities.”

    Ryan Grimshaw, Head of Brand and Marketing
    Topodium Group

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