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Where complex requirements are met with innovative solutions.

In an ever-changing world, take control of your product and rely on Topodium Innovation to ideate, develop and launch cutting edge technology to distinguish your place in the market and help your business reach new heights.

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App Development

We design and build apps centered on strategy, meeting your goals of expanding sales, driving customer engagement, and building loyal online communities. Our app development team is highly experienced with iOS, Android, Hybrid and Web app development, all while delivering on-time and on-budget.

Software Development, Design and Implementation

From custom booking portals, apps and management solutions to off-the-shelf solutions successfully implemented around your business processes. We’ll work with you to fully understand your business needs and open doors to new revenue streams, increased operational optimisation, and streamlined integration across your business.

People Performance Development Technologies

We all know our people are our greatest assets. With innovative training, learning and skill development technologies, we provide proprietary e-learning platforms that are uniquely customised to your business structure and objectives.

With video-based validation, micro-challenges and assessments for deep learning, our systems are built to power your teams.

CMS Development & Digital Media Experience

Most organisations are not leveraging their content to its full potential. We help you understand your audience and target them efficiently by making your content accessible, manageable and impactful.

Strategy and Consultancy

Digital Transformation

We help partners deliver end-to-end digital capabilities across the entire business – from digital strategy development, to process and implementation, to data insights and cultural organisational change. We understand the challenges and opportunities partners are facing and work with you at each step of your digital journey.

Business Process Optimisation

Topodium helps design and implement streamlined business processes for simplicity, improved service quality and delivery, often at lower costs. We help organisations get lean to create maximum value, while eliminating internal process waste.

Product Management

From product vision to agile roadmaps, to UX, development, delivery and go-to-market strategies, Topodium Innovation establishes methodologies that match the unique contours of your organisation, delivering your products at scale with both return on investment, and return on impact.

Supply Chain Consultancy

It’s no longer enough to simply have a supply chain – Modern brands are built on sustainable, direct or transparent methods of supplying your product to the consumer.

Topodium Innovation works with you to turn your behind-the-scenes into a major pillar of brand pride and reputation that your customers will thank you for.

Data and Analytics

Data Transformation

Topodium Innovation frees your business to focus on analytics and intelligence instead of engineering and data. Partnered with Fivetran, we have over 150 pre-built connectors to transform data exceptionally quick so that it is readily available for insight.


We can swiftly create a centralised warehouse so that your disparate enterprise, financial and marketing data can start working together to move you toward an integrated operating model.

Analytics / Business Intelligence

Align your business needs and vision with practical and tangible delivery of analytics. We optimise business intelligence analytics for your internal and external stakeholders.

With easy, simple drag and drop dashboards you’ll have impressive visualisations that produce decision-yielding insights for competitive advantage, monetisation of new services, and improved operational efficiencies.

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