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March 22, 2023

Topodium Group’s sister company, Kidztivity, the global experts in children’s training and programmes, have joined forces with Future Fit for Business to support ukactive’s newly published and revised Children and Young People in Leisure Facilities Guidance for the sector, focusing on children aged 10 years and above (10 years +).

Future Fit for Business are the leading provider of personal training, nutrition and pilates courses in the UK. Kidztivity has collaborated with Future Fit for Business to promote the new guidelines for children and young people in leisure settings, by producing a free 30-minute e-learning guidance, which will ultimately help teams and facilities provide positive experiences, increase access and retention, and get more children and young people active.

The e-learning was designed to provide a clear overview of the changes in guidance and to support organisations with implementing them. This includes equipment, staff ratios, insurance, pre-screening, safeguarding and most importantly practical guidance on
types of activity within the gym and group exercise environment.

The new guidance from ukactive aims to help fitness, health, and leisure providers to understand and deliver effective strategies in health and wellbeing, specifically for ages 10 years and above. Developed in collaboration with sector specialists and industry experts, the new guidance is part of achieving a wider national approach to physical activity for children and young people.


Chris Sharman, Founder of Kidztivity said: “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Future Fit for Business on this important initiative. We know physical activity has a significant role in young people’s health and wellbeing, though as a sector we need to be better prepared and equipped to deliver on meaningful experiences, social connection, and improved health for young people. The new Children and Young People in Leisure Facilities Guidance is a tremendous step in providing organisations and facilities with the resources and advice to make this a reality. We’re proud to be a part of this movement to create the best conditions for teens to thrive, and ultimately get more teens active.”


Both Kidztivity and Future Fit are invested in this essential movement towards creating conditions for children and young people to become more active and healthier; allowing their overall development to be strengthened and supported. Assisting organisations to deploy the very best settings for children and young people to stay physically active will help make this a reality.


Rob Johnson, Managing Director of Future Fit for Business said: “The new guidance from ukactive is a step forward in improving the health and physical activity opportunities for children and young people. Future Fit are proud to collaborate with Kidztivity on this important initiative and our shared goal of supporting organisations in creating an environment that promotes young people’s overall health and well-being.”


Kidztivity and Future Fit will provide educational learning resources and practical information sessions to help teams and facilities implement the new guidance. This includes the interactive and informative webinar, alongside the CIMSPA endorsed Adapting Gym for Children and Young People Workshop, which has been updated to provide practical examples and information on how to deliver positive experiences and increase usage amongst the teenage population.


“It is well documented that children and young people decline in physical activity levels from the ages of 10+. Working with ukactive and other key stakeholders to update the guidance will have a positive impact on children and young people accessing leisure facilities across the UK,” commented Craig Jones, one of the industry advisors collaborating with ukactive. “The guidance helps dispel myths and removes some previously perceived barriers to getting more children and young people active, ensuring providers can safely open their doors to more young people – which in turn gets more people, more active, more often!”


Young Children and Young People in Leisure Facilities Guidance Using Gym

FREE Webinar: Children and Young People in Leisure Facilities Guidance
Available from Thursday 30th March 2023
Register for Webinar
Following the updated ukactive publication of the Children and Young People in Leisure Facilities Guidance, we are delivering a free webinar designed to provide a clear overview of the changes in guidance, and offer practical advice on types of activity within fitness and group exercise environments.

  • Equipment
  • Staff ratios
  • Insurance
  • Pre-screening
  • Safeguarding

The free 30-minute e-learning guidance is available to access on the Future Fit website. Follow the link to register for access: Register for Webinar.

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