Meet our New Creative Design Manager, Craig Hurford

Written by Topodium Group

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March 13, 2023

Topodium Group is growing! We’re thrilled to welcome our new Creative Design Manager, Craig Hurford.


Another key part of our Basingstoke office, Craig will be responsible for overseeing our hugely talented Creative Design team, consisting of Tom, Charlie, Luke, and Ross.

We sat down with Craig to learn a little bit more about him!

Welcome to the team, Craig! Give us an introduction to yourself.

Thanks for the welcome, I’m Craig Hurford, the new Creative Design Manager here at Topodium Group. I have spent the majority of my career working in creative design, and have experience in print, digital, videography, and motion graphics.

What attracted you to the role of Creative Design Manager at Topodium Group?


Topodium Group stood out to me as a company I’d like to join for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the company’s values and culture are aligned with mine, which is something I find necessary when looking for a new role. And secondly, I really like the emphasis that is put on hiring and training apprentices, as I believe that it is a great way for people to learn and gain experience in how a creative team functions.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

I’d say the highlight of my career would be the progression from an admin role in my first real 9-5 job, working my way up in the same company to become the Design Manager heading up an internal Studio.

Who would you choose as your professional and personal role model?

I don’t really have any specific role models, but I always respect and am inspired by people who aren’t afraid to fail, but then use that failure to learn and improve.

What are your first impressions of Topodium Group so far?

The team has all been very welcoming, and it’s great to see a group of people passionate about a common goal. It seems like a really exciting time to join, with lots of current ongoing projects, and even more in the pipeline, so certainly lots to keep the team and I busy.

With Topodium Group specialists in the Sports, Health, and Fitness industry – do you follow a particular sports team or athlete?

I’m a big fan of American Football, with my team being the Tennessee Titans, so Sunday evenings during the season the TV at home gets overtaken with hours upon hours of the NFL.

What do you like to do when relaxing and unwinding from work?

Having two young kids, and recently getting a new puppy, it’s actually work where I come to relax and unwind! In the downtime I do get, I like to play board games/D&D with my friends, and I like to get out on my mountain bike and go for a ride through nature to clear my head.

What’s your go-to movie?

Not quite a movie, but if I’m ever at a loss of what to watch, the WWII miniseries Band of Brothers usually goes on.

Favourite Karaoke song?

Journey – Don’t Stop Believing, but off-key and out of tune.

And finally… give us three personalities you’d invite over to dinner – anyone in history!

Firstly I’d invite Dave Grohl, the nicest guy in rock. I’m sure he has plenty of stories from touring and creating music over all these years. Next up would be the comedian Dave Gorman, his style of dry, pedantic comedy is right up my street. And not quite completing a trio of Daves, would be Stephen Fry. He is extremely clever and knowledgeable, and every time I see him in something I always have to watch whatever it is and he’s so engaging.

Welcome, Craig! Meet more of the Topodium Group team here.



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