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October 12, 2020

After smashing his first week here at Topodium Group, we’re delighted to introduce our newest team member Ross Willett, Digital Marketing Coordinator.

Ross joined the Topodium Group team in the role of Digital Marketing Coordinator, a role which has already seen him delve into some of our partners Google Analytics, PPC and social media accounts. Putting his digital marketing expertise to good use, he’s quickly rolled up his sleeves, got stuck in, and identified new opportunities and strategies to explore!

UK Marketing Manager, Lawrence Mills, formed part of the initial interview panel and commented on Ross’ appointment, “We are quickly expanding our digital marketing services as partners require more of our SEO, paid search and social media advertising expertise. Not only that, it’s essential that we ensure our activity is holistic for our partners. We focus on integrating and aligning our activity with a businesses wider strategy, taking a 360 view on strategy and delivering with a customer-centric approach. Ross clearly has the digital marketing experience we were looking for, and also demonstrated experience in analysing the customer journey and customers digital experience. He’s quickly found his place within the Topodium Group team and we’re sure he’ll attain positive results for our partners. We’re excited to see what he achieves over the next few months!”

digital marketing coordinator

Welcome to the team Ross! Tell us a bit more about yourself

I’ve been working within digital marketing for about 3 years now and have enjoyed every opportunity and challenge that has come my way.

Since I was at school I always wanted to get involved with digital marketing as I knew the potential it possesses for businesses. I previously worked for a charity helping them with a digital strategy and focusing on user journeys through different forms of digital marketing. Prior to that I worked for a digital agency which gave me the initial start in the sector. I have been very grateful for every opportunity and see Topodium Group as the perfect place to add value and continue on my journey.

What interests you most about marketing?

I find data and user interaction so enjoyable, building those relationships with customers. I love analysing why a user has or hasn’t taken action, understanding what makes consumers tick, and seeing digital growth – it’s very rewarding. Digital marketing is constantly developing and throwing up new challenges and ways of working. I find that exciting and love getting stuck in with ideas and solutions to solve problems.

What is one thing you cannot live without?

Football. Watch – play – listen, I’m a huge fan of anything to do with football or sport in general. I’m a big Chelsea supporter and hope to get back to Stamford Bridge very soon!

Where is your dream holiday destination?

I love to travel. I enjoy exploring and learning about different cultures around the world. I’ve been lucky enough to go to some amazing places. However, I’ve always had the aspiration of going to Canada to kayak and snorkel with whales.

Tell us three interesting facts

I’m in fact named after the infamous Ross from the TV show Friends, although I’m not a fan of fossils. Another fact is that I adopted an Alpaca, whose name is Hector. He lives in the New Forest and I can take him out on walks whenever I want. And finally, I’m quite superstitious. No walking over 3 drains. I don’t like the number 13. And I always have to put my left shoe on before my right.

What is your all-time favourite music artist?

I could listen to pretty much anything. My Spotify playlist is very varied with different artists and genres. My favourite though would have to be Bonobo or Frank Ocean. I can listen to both those artists whenever and whatever mood I’m in. I hope to go to see Bonobo live at some point in the near future.

If you were a biscuit, which type of biscuit would you be?

A great question. I’d be a chocolate bourbon. They do their job well, they’re always reliable and they don’t crumble.

There we have it, an insight into our new Digital Marketing Coordinator, Ross. We’re sure you’ll see more of him soon and we can’t wait to introduce him to our partners and clients! Meet more of the Topodium Group team.

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