Meet our New Full Stack Developer/Software Engineer, Daniel Thresher

Written by Topodium Group

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April 25, 2023

Topodium Group are delighted to announce Daniel Thresher as our new Full Stack Developer as part of our growing Basingstoke-based office.



Daniel joins with 2 years experience in software engineering, and will help the business across multiple projects in the coming weeks and months.

To find out a little more about Daniel, we asked him a few questions!

Welcome to Topodium Group, Daniel! Give us a little introduction to yourself.

I am a software engineer with most of my experience and learning focused to website development from server side and backend to frontend. I like to think of myself as the guy that puts design and ideas into the real world with digital and technical solutions; I also have a passion for football, gaming, history and other types of engineering such as electrical and semi-conductors as my main interest points.

What led you to joining the team as Full Stack Developer?

When I did my interview with Topodium group I found it very easy going and welcoming, I knew I wanted to work there and decided they were my first choice!

Have you always been interested in this role throughout your career?

I have always loved all things development and engineering – finding solutions for tough challenges and producing software for individuals and businesses that can transform their entire businesses is extremely rewarding for me. A good website can change someone’s life and make their dream turn into a reality in our digital and connected world.

What attributes do you associate yourself with?

Never gives up, curious, loves learning new things and likes to solve problems.

First impressions of Topodium Group so far?

Topodium Group is a very good atmosphere for those who work there, I was instantly welcomed by everyone in the company and have met everyone already! They really do seem more than just a company that holds good values and share great times together. I’m really looking forward for the time ahead.

As we’re within the sports, health and fitness industry, do you follow any particular sports or sports teams?

I am a Chelsea FC supporter and love football in general watching as many Premier League and European competitions as possible with friends or on my own at home. I casually enjoy watching MMA, American Football, Boxing and the NBA too but I don’t pretend to know everything there like i pretend to do in football.

What are some of your favourite hobbies you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy travelling a lot, sometimes will just go for a weekend to meet a friend in another country who lives there or around the UK. I also like to game a lot too, where I pass a lot of my spare time if i have no plans.

Do you have a favourite movie or TV Series?

I would never say I have a favourite but I really enjoyed The Last Kingdom, The Boys, The Mandalorian and Game of Thrones – I hope to see more content for those in the future!

Favourite music artist or band?

Music for me is extremely hard to choose; I enjoy all sorts, from rap and rock music, both past and present, to more niche genres like drill and drift phonk. I would say it depends on the situation and mood.

Finally… which three personalities would you invite over to dinner – anyone in history!

I would love to chat with Gordon Moore, Steve Jobs and William Shockley!

We’re delighted to welcome Daniel to the team! Meet more of the Topodium Group team here.

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