Meet Our New Social Media and Marketing Executive: Giacomo Di-Lullo

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October 20, 2021

Giacomo has joined the Topodium Group team in the role of Social Media and Marketing Executive, a role which will further support the group’s partners to raise their profile via organic and paid social media, content, and marketing strategy.  

Giacomo Di-Lullo

Head of Brand and Marketing, Ryan Grimshaw, commented on Giacomo’s appointment, “It’s great to have Giacomo join the Topodium Group team, his marketing knowledge and experience coupled with his passion for the sports, health and leisure sectors is a fantastic addition for all our existing and future partners. We’re excited to see develop him alongside our other talented team members and can’t wait to introduce him to some of the amazing partners we work with”

Welcome to the team, Giacomo!

Tell us a bit more about yourself…

I’ve been working within digital marketing for 5 years and although my roles have been relatively broad, I have always naturally gravitated towards social media marketing. I have most enjoyed my previous two digital marketing roles at Places Leisure and Anytime Fitness. 

I have experience in a wide range of industries from legal to recruitment, but sports and leisure definitely has my heart being a keen sportsman myself. I can safely say that I am football mad. If I’m not playing, I’m coaching, or watching.

Oh, and I’m half Italian/half English which is where my name is from!

What interests you most about social media marketing?

I developed a passion for social media at university, enjoying research and always wanting to put theories into practice.

The power of social media is truly amazing and with great power comes great responsibility. 

Social media is exciting and fast paced with new trends, but what interests me most is how it can influence consumer behaviour. I love analysing results from campaigns, learning from your audiences and adapting for future campaigns. You learn and grow every day!

What made you want to work for Topodium Group?

Above the roles and responsibilities, I was particularly interested in and attracted to the culture. Right from my first interview I felt the sense of pride in the team empowering every single team member.

I remember I was asked in my interview: “If you were an animal, which would you be?” I answered a wolf because I wanted to be part of a pack who not only supports each other to survive but to thrive.

I am incredibly excited to begin my journey at Topodium Group and I’m looking forward to contributing to a talented and successful team.

If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

Easy one. I would be a professional footballer.

My passion for football was inspired by my dad who, like myself, supports AC Milan. It was always my childhood dream to play professionally.

“I would have made it if I didn’t injure my knee”.

If you could only pick three foods to eat for a month, which foods would you choose?

  1. Pizza
  2. Pasta
  3. Mango

I may be a little biased choosing pizza and pasta but you really can’t go wrong with those. You can get creative with both pizza and pasta being so versatile, you just can’t get bored!

Mangos are just the GOAT fruit.

We’re delighted to welcome Giacomo to the team! Meet more of the Topodium Group team

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