New partner announced: BlazePod

BlazePod Partner Announced

Written by Topodium Group

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September 19, 2020

Topodium Group are delighted to announce a new Powered By partnership with BlazePod UK and Republic of Ireland

Spanning both Marketing and Active divisions, BlazePod UK and ROI have enlisted Topodium Group to become the brands’ official marketing and training partner, offering a full-service marketing solution and accredited instruction for BlazePod trainers.

blazepod and blazepod app

The ultimate aim for Topodium Group is to drive brand equity and generate a positive return on investment with both direct-to-consumer and wholesale strategies for the interactive reflex training product.

BlazePod is a touch-activated platform consisting of reactionary light Pods which combine with a smartphone App for iOS and Android devices. The BlazePod App not only houses a wealth of workouts and fitness content, it also provides detailed tracking and analysis of user performance, speed and reaction times and can even get as accurate to one thousandth of a second. The durable, adaptable and striking design allows for fitness and fun to be used in almost any environment, from outdoor sessions to indoor gym training or at-home workouts.

With the likes of Belgian-Dutch Forumla One racing driver, Max Verstappen, and British professional boxer, Gypsy King Tyson Fury using the Pods to drive their sporting performance, BlazePod are set to become one of the biggest must-have fitness products for 2021.

Head of Brand and Marketing for Topodium Group outlined the new partnership saying, “We are delighted to partner with BlazePod and to be powering their marketing and distribution across the UK and Ireland.”

Ryan continued, “BlazePod is a perfect example of a partner spanning our Topodium Group divisions; our innovative Powered By solution provides BlazePod with a robust product marketing strategy, digital marketing and paid media implementation, social media management and influencer marketing, website build and maintenance, alongside providing shipping and distribution, and direct sales to wholesalers and retailers. The exceptional value we add through our services, knowledge and trusted expertise is the reason BlazePod can rely on Topodium Group achieving incredible results.”

BlazePod is  the world’s leading flash reflex solution, a game-changing way to train your body and brain, making every training session, gym workout and at-home workout more effective with reaction and reflex light technology, leading to increased performance and results.

The attractive, well-designed and portable LED Pods connect to the BlazePod App, where fitness enthusiasts and performance professionals can access pre-programmed workouts for individual activities, martial arts, competitive fitness and team sports. Through the App, users can control the Pods’ colours and timing, creating custom configurations to match workouts and increase their reactions, speed and agility.

Topodium Group Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Chris Sharman, commented: “BlazePod is a fantastic product and we’re delighted to welcome them into the Topodium Group ecosystem. As a product, BlazePod is certainly making a name for itself in the global fitness, health and sports industries, and we are excited to enhance that reputation here in the UK and Ireland. BlazePod has the ability to truly enhance fitness and sports training through multi-sensory stimulation and what I love most is the creativity that BlazePod can unlock – from gamifying group workout sessions, to creating custom training experiences for varied sports, fitness and rehabilitation applications.”

Learn more about BlazePod and shop products on the dedicated UK and Ireland website.

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