New Partner Announced: isosconnect

Written by Giacomo Di-Lullo

November 17, 2021

Topodium Group are delighted to announce a new partnership with isosconnect, a practice management software solution which helps independent and private health and well-being practitioners to centralise and easily manage their day-to-day business.

Over the last five years, the health and well-being of our population has been under the microscope. How do you provide accessible and affordable healthcare across a range of services to better meet the evolving and changing needs of patients? While this has posed a huge challenge to healthcare professionals, it has also generated a significant opportunity to meet these highly specific needs and to tailor bespoke services to people who increasingly wish to self-care.

After decades of hands-on-experience in the UK, in digital, telehealth and direct private practice, isosconnect are a passionate team who stand behind a platform that optimises fundamental clinical processes, caters for safe online consultations, and offers the opportunity for peer-to-peer work between modalities and specialities.


Topodium Group will be responsible for swiftly and effectively building out a robust omnichannel marketing strategy. We will be delivering on tactics to promote the software solution in key target markets, build isosconnects trust and credibility as a software provider, and ultimately drive qualified leads, providing a suitable and measurable cost of acquisition.

Topodium Group’s Head of Brand and Marketing, Ryan Grimshaw, commented: “We are delighted to be working with isosconnect, and to have been selected as their agency of choice to help them in their next stage of growth.”

“There is a great deal of opportunity to work across a varied mix of channels, tactics and strategies to help isosconnect connect their marketing efforts directly to their objectives, which will in turn unlock further opportunities. We’re looking forward to working closely with the isosconnect team, and sharing their values of personal and human-centred marketing; not a common occurrence within the SAAS landscape.”

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