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April 6, 2023

Topodium Group wins Hampshire FA Foundation as new client for brand development and website design.

Topodium Group, a leading full service agency for the sports, health and leisure industries will be responsible for the brand development and website design of the Hampshire FA Foundation.

Hampshire FA Foundation is a charitable organisation committed to promoting football participation and development in Hampshire. The organisation provides funding and support for grassroots football programmes, and works to create opportunities for people of all ages, diversities and abilities to participate, play and enjoy football.

The Hampshire FA Foundation was impressed by Topodium Group’s expertise in branding and website development, as well as their experience in working with non-profit organisations. Topodium Group’s goal is to help Hampshire FA Foundation create a stronger brand identity that resonates with their audience, and to design a website that is engaging, user-friendly, and easy to navigate.

“We are excited to be working with Hampshire FA Foundation on this project,” said Ryan Grimshaw, Head of Brand and Marketing for Topodium Group. “We believe that our experience and expertise in branding and website development will be instrumental in helping Hampshire FA Foundation achieve their goals and objectives. We have already been collaborating with Hampshire FA, so to also be working with them through Hampshire FA Foundation is a testament to the value we have provided so far, and our strong ongoing relationship.”

As part of the brand development process, Topodium Group will work closely with Hampshire FA Foundation to create a new brand identity that reflects the organisation’s values and mission. This will include the design of a new logo, colour scheme, brand guidelines and visual elements that will be used across all of Hampshire FA Foundation’s marketing materials.

Topodium Group will also be responsible for designing and developing a new website for Hampshire FA Foundation. The new website will be built with user experience in mind, and will feature a clean, modern design that is easy to navigate. The website will also include features such as event booking, donation pages, and social media integration.

“We are thrilled to be working with Topodium Group on this important project,” said Neil Cassar, CEO of Hampshire FA. “Their expertise in branding and website design will help us create a stronger identity and an engaging online presence that will help us achieve our mission of promoting football participation and development across Hampshire.”

The new brand identity and website are expected to be launched in Summer 2023 with ongoing support and guidance provided by Topodium Group in the process.

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