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October 31, 2022

Topodium Group are excited to announce a new partnership with Oragyms, an independent gym located in Huddersfield.

Oragyms is a family owned business with over 25 years of combined industry experience and pride themselves on being a unique facility with a relaxed atmosphere and boutique vibe. Mixed with the highest calibre of fitness coaching and equipment, Oragyms are helping to encourage and educate their local community towards a better state of health and wellbeing.

Topodium Group have been delivering promotional tactics to increase gym memberships and to retain and re-engage an already established community. Providing and executing social media and email marketing strategies, Topodium Group have also designed, built and launched the new Oragyms website.

Check out the new Oragyms website here


Tom Carson, Oragyms Owner commented: “We’ve been working with Topodium Group since May 2022 for both our social media management and the construction and launch of our new website. They’ve been instrumental in bringing our social media alive and helping with creative content for the new website. They’re incredibly well managed, with specific departments for design, creation and social media, so they’re always ahead of the game and have us in sync a month ahead of schedule for all our creative content. They’ve really helped develop our marketing processes too, so our social content, email marketing and structure behind it all is now on point, meaning we can engage with our audience far more effectively. The experience has been second to none and I would highly recommend Topodium Group for any Fitness Business looking to build brand awareness and scale their business.”

Topodium Group’s Social Media and Content Manager, Giacomo Di-Lullo commented: “It has been a huge pleasure working with Oragyms and their fantastic team. We have made significant progress linking key marketing channels, creating synergies with new and existing marketing efforts. The Oragyms team demonstrate immense passion and enthusiasm for improving health and fitness journeys in the local area and it’s incredibly infectious! The whole team at Oragyms have been instrumental in taking their marketing to the next level, and we have worked closely with them as an extension of their team.”

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