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Brand Development, Website Design and Build, Videography, Photography, Merchandise and Print

The Brand

Dungaroos is a new preschool with a vision to become the most versatile and supporting provider in Winchester, Hampshire. Dungaroos is a place for children aged 2-5 to grow in an safe, fun and inclusive ‘home away from home’ environment, offering a flexible place for parents to entrust their kids’ development with year-round care – a place with space to learn.

The Dungaroos management team acquired a pre-established preschool with plenty of room for expansion, and opportunity to be the only local preschool to offer holiday term support; they wanted to bring their initial vision to life – to make the brand feel like it was their own. Although the business was already running smoothly, the digital presence of Dungaroos (formerly Riverside Nursery) was outdated and required a complete rework to modernise and bring it to life.

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The Brief

Dungaroos needed to be fun and inspiring yet also professional and respectable; parents needed to understand that Dungaroos would be the perfect environment for their children, and a company that they could entrust the care of their children to.

Over 20% of the children attending were lost to school at the start of the September term, so it’s crucial to provide a platform to convert new customers and move the business from a ‘survive’ to ‘drive’ state.

Topodium Group needed to ensure execution of a bespoke brand, which translated across mix mediums and platforms, including a new website and social channels.

The Challenge

When the summer holidays hit, that was time for Dungaroos to put the plan into motion. They needed a reputable agency, experienced within the child care and kids industry, who could understand the journey they were on, and deliver a complete rebrand in time for the September term.

Despite the preschool already running smoothly and bringing customers in, obvious was missing. The brand essence and ownership was lacking. The Dungaroos team needed a brand that they could be proud of, and one which galvanised their passion and ambition.

Time was a luxury the Dungaroos team didn’t have. With only six weeks until September, the Topodium Group team were agile, quickly understanding the business, services and the companies ethos and vision. With the new academic year fast approaching, there was a need to unveil the revamped brand to any new prospective parents looking to find their first nursery.

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The Approach

Formerly known as The Riverside Nursery School, Dungaroos employed Topodium Group to complete a brand overhaul ready for the new September influx of pupils. The new era of the business required a fresh brand identity, logo and website development. Additional services to support the execution of the brand included new high-quality brand photography, videography and print services.

Now that the brief was established, it was time to get into the work and develop the identity of Dungaroos. Our creative team came together to undertake market research, and pulled on their extensive knowledge of what it takes to produce a high-converting and attractive nursery brand.

We conceptualised three stylescapes to showcase diverse creative pathways and communicate ideas to the partner. This resulted in condensing two ideas into one final brand concept – which hit the mark and went beyond the Dungaroos team expectations!

“I felt like Topodium Group were so inspiring, and for the first time ever my business truly felt like my own.”

– Julie Taylor, Founder of Dungaroos

With the brand development signed off, we moved on to designing and building the Dungaroos website. The website had to provide the necessary information and convert new enquiries and leads; while maintaining a visually pleasing design.

First, we conducted user research, industry competitive analysis, and mapped out the information archeticture. This then lead us to producing functional wireframes. To excite and convince web audiences, the website layout must effectively deliver an engaging user experience, and compliment the customer journey.

We workshopped with the client to understand the requirements from the get-go. A key priority was to maintain simplicity while preserving the comprehensive user experience for parents. “The experience should feel like parents are walking into Dungaroos for the first time, getting a full grasp on how their needs will be fulfilled, leaving a positive impression of Dungaroos in their mind”. On sign-off of the wireframe, we expanded into creative mock-ups to bring Dungaroos’ fresh and fun brand to life, which lead to the build stage of the website environment, once all objectives and considerations on the mockup had been met.

The Results

Finally, we reached the go-live date on Friday 2nd September. The website was ready to publish, the video perfected to the partners taste, and the photography packaged and prepared for their own social media press release.

“From start to finish, Topodium Group really understood what we needed. They took a basic idea for a brand and ran with it to create a brand that feels personal, professional and something to be super proud of.”
– Julie Taylor, Founder of Dungaroos

The Dungaroos brand and website has gained an abundance of positive anecdotal feedback, and organic enquiries since launch are up!

“We were striving for two main things; simplicity and clarity. Topodium Group understood our vision right from the first discovery meeting.

The impact they had on our business filled us with pride, hope and inspiration for the future of Dungaroos. With what essentially started as nothing but a name, Topodium Group’s industry knowledge and experience helped us further understand our vision, and drive towards an incredibly successful end result.

I couldn’t recommend the team enough – a truly dedicated and wonderful group!”

Julie Taylor
Founder – Dungaroos