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The Brand

Formed from a private Facebook group in 2018, Independent Gyms Association UK and Ireland has grown to support and advocate for 2,000+ members. As a membership platform, they provide resources and networking for independent fitness facilities across the UK and Ireland.

They seek not only to improve the businesses and lives of their members but also the fitness industry as a whole. Through ongoing workshops and events, Independent Gyms Association provides an online community and secures unbeatable offers and benefits through their 60+ partnerships with businesses across the sector.

Goalkeeper rolling ball out from hands.
Two guys complete fitness drill using Blazepod

The Brief

After months of lockdown and social distancing, knowing how, when and where to get back into any physical gym spaces was a major uphill battle for local gyms. With the resurgence of gym-goers back into physical gyms, the effects of Covid-19 were playing out in both physical and physiological ways.

With safety being the number one priority, Independent Gyms Association wanted to support all independent facilities throughout the country in getting their members back to their happy place. Identifying the many different reasons gym-goers visit their gym was key to reaching all types of members. Whether that be physical, psychological or social, it was important this campaign highlighted the many positive influences that re-opening gyms would have on its variety of members.

The Challenge

Many gyms throughout the country had experienced huge dips in membership during the pandemic, along with the constant battle of opening and closing due to ever-changing restrictions. With these struggles across the sector it was important the gym community supported one another as best they could as restrictions were lifted and gyms were re-open.

With Topodium Group’s knowledge and experience in the sector, along with a team of highly skilled creative designers and marketing strategists, it seemed the perfect fit for Independent Gyms Association to partner with Topodium Group for this campaign.

Two guys complete fitness drill using Blazepod

The Approach

We knew that we would have to take a slightly different approach for this campaign; restrictions had made some people hesitant on returning back to the gyms. We wanted to convey to the gym-goers that it is supposed to be your happy place, not somewhere to be feared. Inspiring the crowd to get back to bettering themselves, whilst building upon a growing community, we found that the way to get people going back was to understand their reasons for going in the first place.

Everyone has a different story, but most gym-goers have common interests that we can build on; finding their strength, finding their focus, finding their place. The gym is as big of a community as the next, once you treat it as such your sense of belonging dramatically increases. As humans, we hate feeling like we are missing out. If we see someone having a genuinely good time at the gym we wish we could pack our bags and get a session on the following day. That’s the key.

The branding of the campaign all plays off of those little reasons people have for walking through the gym doors and starting their workouts. “Find Your Place” being the campaign title gave us something that we could replicate, but also personalise. “Find Your Escape”, “Find Your Focus”, “Find Your Strength” – we aimed to target all of the areas where people’s interests had the potential to overlap. Pushing these graphics out on social media would become an effective reminder to our audience, acting as much as an inspirational quote as it was a push in the right direction.

The Results

“The independent fitness industry was hard hit by the covid pandemic and lockdowns so we wanted to really support our members. We engaged with Topodium Group to bring to life an idea around driving members and guests back into their local gym in a post covid world. Our membership is made up of many different facility owners ranging from personal training studios to 4000 member health clubs so we needed to represent that diversity in our message.

The Find Your Place campaign created by Topodium Group focused around the many different reasons someone would join a gym, be that to get fit, lose weight or just relax after a hard days work. The campaign directed the public to our gym locator map highlighting over 1000 independent fitness facilities across the UK, so it became more than just finding a gym, it was about Finding Your Place. Whilst we saw an instant uplift in searches on our map, our members bought into the campaign using the same images to promote the independent fitness industry as a whole and helped to generate a real community feel amongst like minded gym and studio owners”

Robert Handy
Founder, Independent Gyms Association