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The Brand

Independent Schools Association, founded in 1878, is one of the longest standing associations of its kind. Supporting over 550 member schools and headteachers to provide thousands of UK students access to quality sporting, arts and cultural events and resources.

ISA members benefit from training courses and conferences, networking opportunities, and other support to bring the power of innovation and inspiration into the classrooms, halls and grounds of their academic institutions.

Goalkeeper rolling ball out from hands.
Two guys complete fitness drill using Blazepod

The Brief

The Independent Schools Association sought Topodium Group’s expertise to deliver an impactful engagement campaign which could swiftly and effectively roll out to all their member schools.

ISA’s Limitless Skills Series was a campaign deriving from a tremendous need to keep the UK’s young generation happy and healthy. The campaign’s objective was to aid young students in maintaining motivation, high levels of physical activity, and mentally stimulated during a time where remote learning and restricted access to in-person events was in place.

The Challenge

For many, Covid-19 reshaped most facets of life. It forced the world to rethink our schooling system, our businesses and even the innovative ways in which we rely on technology. ISA was one of the revolutionary groups seeking to adapt and make the most of a world gone virtual.

ISA’s greatest challenge in the midst of a global crisis became reaching the hundreds of schools who relied on their resources to keep pupils actively learning and academically engaged. While physical interaction grew restrictive, in-person events and competition required equally inspiring substitutes.

Turning around a timely campaign that both motivated children and excited families required a platform with a mission to engage and inspire. To make ISA’s virtual vision a reality, Topodium Group leveraged our official distributing partnership with TopYa!

TopYa!’s sports technology provides an app experience that drives active learning through physical challenges, contests and real coaching feedback.

Independent Schools Association

The Approach

The Topodium Group team started with the foundation of any good campaign; developing the campaign objectives and establishing a supporting brand. Messaging and promotional assets to supplement the Limitless Skills Series followed and gave life to a concept.

From there, a structure of 40 video challenges were designed, filmed and edited for each participating child to perform, upload and earn points for their school leaderboard.

We also packaged up a marketing kit to enable schools to promote the series. Promotional and instructional videos, social media graphics, email templates and school welcome packs paved the way for a smooth onboarding experience.

Additionally, Topodium Group delivered vigilant measures for partner success, campaign management and reporting to ensure engagement peaked from beginning to end.

ISA uncovered the perfect balance between at-home training and in school participation, technology and healthy movement, capitalising on Topodium Group’s ecosystem model.

As an official distributing partner of TopYa!, the app-based learning and contest platform, Topodium Group managed to engage hundreds of pupils in physical challenges and active learning.

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More Results

“During the pandemic ISA were looking for an online solution to tackle inactivity and competition provisions during the lockdown periods. The customer support, campaign production, cooperation, and streamline communication was next to none! A wealth of knowledge in the industry and production of such campaigns led the Series to be a great success. The aim of the campaign was to access more pupils than we would have done with physical competitions. We achieved this which gives me confidence to be happy.”


National Sports Officer – ISA