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The Brand

Soccer Sphere is the innovative app-based platform designed to keep players engaged. The app develops soccer players by providing weekly training plans, and a unique Coach Connect technology that gives users tangible feedback.

The brand is delivered by TopYa!, an app technology company founded in 2014 with a mission to inspire the joy of accomplishment through a watch-learn-do approach to youth sport engagement. In their latest app offering, Soccer Sphere, TopYa! bring a new meaning, purpose and drive to the game of soccer.

Lady in gym with stack of blazepods next to her.
Two guys complete fitness drill using Blazepod

The Brief

TopYa! required a new product name, brand identity and all encompassing go-to-market strategy to take their ‘complete training platform for aspiring players’ from concept to a reality.

Whilst TopYa! focused on the development of the app, Topodium Group were tasked with delivering a unique and impactful brand, and a thorough content strategy framework to meet the objectives of delivering a competitive app in a growing market space.

The Challenge

In Spring of 2020, a pandemic brought a staggering halt to the operations and hopes of millions of individuals and organisations. During a time of much uncertainty, the vision of the forward thinking TopYa! team had never been more clear. What started as minor feature upgrades evolved into the aspiration of a complete uprooting of their product offering, and new brand creation.

TopYa! sought to evolve the app from a fun catch-all platform into a hub for competitive, aspiring players. The group understood that the app had to be more than just a product. It needed to transcend into a globally recognised brand with the look and feel to compliment a premier app experience.

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The Approach

Over the initial ideation period, competitive analysis and market research provided a solid foundation for which to build the soon-to-be “TopYa! Soccer Subscription” product. Inspired by the ways in which the app’s features and mission sought to revolutionise a new-world take on soccer training, the name Soccer Sphere took root and was brought to fruition.

With a thorough understanding of the soccer technology market and a product name established, the messaging, positioning, brand voice and story took precedent. From the creation of the Soccer Sphere identity to video assets, messaging and tag lines, to all graphic designs, and the external positioning as you see it today was conceived and produced in the collaborative ecosystem of Topodium Innovation and Marketing.

Topodium Group worked seamlessly with the TopYa! product team, where Topodium Group’s sports and marketing expertise created the perfect synergy and understanding.

Sowed from the message and mission came the next major requirement; the visual identity. Establishing a relatable and recognisable name and logo was key, an ident which symbolised more than simply a product. It represented a brand committed to empowering the ‘whole’ player, and continuously evolving an entire generation of soccer players through accessible technology. From the app to social media channels, website to email, all that Soccer Sphere would soon touch had been formed under one unified, consistent brand identity.

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