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The Brand

TopYa! has offered soccer players an unparalleled virtual coaching and training experience since the company’s beginning in 2014.

Thousands of players have taken to the app to watch, do and learn. To date, the company has served nearly 200,000 users with over 2 million app sessions, living out their mission to inspire joy through learning and accomplishment.

Soccer player doing trick outside building
Two guys complete fitness drill using Blazepod

The Brief

When the fields were roped off due to the Covid-19 pandemic, TopYa!’s soccer platform became intrinsic in many soccer clubs survival across America. Soccer clubs were forced to trade in game days for isolated backyard training. An industry valued at approximately $17 billion was in dire need of creative digital solutions to keep players active and engaged during months of quarantine and seasons of social distancing.

TopYa!’s platform manifested itself as the clear choice for clubs desperate to keep their players happy and active during an uncertain time. Along with a surge of demand, however, came the submerge of human resource to handle the growing company’s marketing needs.

The Challenge

In the wake of 2020’s COVID-19 crisis, the realisation from TopYa! was that their virtual solution for the world’s physically inactive generation became not just a luxury… it was a necessity.

We helped TopYa! resource and pivot their virtual solution marketing by leveraging the colossal shift in the youth sports market. The aim was to drive prospective soccer club leads directly through the TopYa! sales funnel.

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The Approach

Our Topodium Group ecosystem rendered itself invaluable to the TopYa! during this trying time. We responded swiftly, planning and actioning a robust digital marketing strategy central to lead generation within days. The strategy focused on increasing social media presence, targeted delivery of message, and building an optimised landing page to drive conversion rates and collate leads.

Understanding the challenge and solution for each of TopYa!’s potential B2B prospects allowed for a worthwhile lead at every click. PPC advertising and social media advertising were utilised to increase awareness and capture the interest of prospects. This approach significantly increased traffic to the TopYa! website with prospects who were in the market for TopYa!’s solution. Athletic directors, club coaches, school and community recreational managers, were all served high quality, dynamic ads matching their specific needs and intent.

A comprehensive social media strategy drove the Virtual Season positioning. Combining Virtual Season promotions alongside content marketing activity enabled us to build the credibility and awareness required for TopYa! to grab a share in the soccer market.

Researched, copy written and superbly designed email messaging brought Virtual Seasons directly into the inboxes of thousands of coaches and clubs. With TopYa! departments spanned across the country, keeping the campaign message consistent also meant providing the sales team with personalised email templates to relay to their networks. A well rounded system of communication created one harmonious email marketing approach.

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More Results

The foundation of all our digital marketing efforts led to an optimised landing page, securing over 270 lead sign ups through the page, keeping the TopYa! sales team churning club conversions for months past the typical Spring soccer season.

“Topodium Group brought a level of expertise in digital marketing, customer acquisition tactics and audience communication that we at TopYa! could not have achieved on our own, especially for the ‘needed it done yesterday’ timeline we set for ourselves with the Virtual Season net new market approach. They treated us as a true partner, delivering the experience and outcomes that we and our customers needed. Every decision we make starts with understanding the market we serve, and Topodium Group was able to translate our desires and product into the optimal campaign.”

Chris Antoline

Head of Sales and Business Development, TopYa!