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Transforming Journeys, Inspiring Possibilities. Topodium Group is the transformational ecosystem where creative marketing, training and consultancy, and innovative technology work in synchronicity to power the sport, health and wellbeing industries. Locations in the UK (Basingstoke), USA (Denver) and SA (Johannesburg).

October 28, 2020

Topodium Group, the end-to-end marketing and innovation agency for the sports, health and leisure industries, prepares for accelerated growth by announcing the opening of its new office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The announcement comes as Topodium Group teams up with ex-professional South African football goalkeeper and businessman, Brian Baloyi.

Brian Baloyi in Adidas Football Kit

Noted as one of the most influential South African football players of all time, Baloyi played for Kaizer Chiefs and then Mamelodi Sundowns FC. His incredible career of 20 years as a professional has seen him play for the national football team with appearances in the 1997 FIFA Confederations Cup, 1998 Africa Cup of Nations, the 1998 FIFA World Cup, the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, and the 2009 Confederations Cup.

Alongside business partner Mpho Sekhoto, and Marketing Manager Lesedi Komane, Baloyi will pave the way for Topodium Group to unlock opportunities and enhance its presence across the country. The three-strong team collectively bring their varied skill sets and wide-reaching networks within the sports, marketing, leisure and entertainment sectors.

Brian commented on the launch, stating “South Africa is a prime opportunity right now. We’re ready for a forward-thinking and game changing way of doing business and powering our industries. The effects of Covid-19 have had drastic effects on our economy; unemployment is at an all time high; small businesses and entrepreneurs are having to think outside of the box to remain viable and to stay in the game. Topodium Group has the ability, knowledge and resource to truly revolutionise how businesses not only survive but thrive.”

Baloyi and Sekhoto, who co-founded a successful sports management company, see the need to professionalise growing industries and provide businesses with the solutions and training to achieve new levels of growth.

“Most sports personalities, musicians and actors in South Africa still manage their own platforms. The opportunity to help celebrities, sports professionals, clubs and teams to enhance their digital profile is phenomenal. Topodium Group’s knowledge and industry expertise is the perfect combination to provide a new level of value to business owners and professionals.”

Brian Baloyi speaking at pink day conference

“Together we will help drive fan engagement, teach digital marketing best practice, and advise on how to monetise platforms. I’m pleased to be part of a global team that can really make an impact on the leisure, sport and health industries which are some of the biggest economic opportunities in South Africa.”

Lesedi Komane, whose experience includes working agency-side in experiential marketing and advertising, shared Baloyi’s enthusiasm and passion for the new opportunity.

“Topodium Group is innovative, ground-breaking and a first of its kind. We’re a platform that meets the needs of South African businesses which have long been neglected and unmet within the sports, health and leisure markets. We are the new wave of marketing specialists in this space.”

Lesedi continued, “The current pain point within the sports, fitness and health marketing space is the lack of innovation. I see the biggest threat to economic sustainability as the current lack of digital and online presence for businesses, in terms of the lack of extensive knowledge thereof. Campaigns don’t often speak successfully to our varied markets. In many instances we’re still broadcasting to the mainstream, traditional market as opposed to utilising more creative, measurable and advanced ways of promoting brands and converting audiences.”

The new South Africa office, which is in tandem with the agency’s growth strategy, sees Topodium Group expand its global footprint to three continents with its UK office in Basingstoke and US office in Denver, Colorado. Topodium Group’s end-to-end services, from children’s physical activity consultancy to business and operational strategy, to digital marketing services and innovative software development, will augment the agency’s growth in South Africa and widen Topodium Group’s presence as a leading sports, health and leisure agency.

“Our strategic decision to open an office in Johannesburg, and to expand our provision and capabilities to South Africa, was a natural progression in our first year of rapid growth,” said Chris Sharman, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Topodium Group. “While South Africa clearly provides an opportunity to tap into the requirements of sports, fitness and health businesses and brands, our services and solutions will also enable and empower a talented pool of South African marketers and entrepreneurs. We’re extremely excited to be working with a skilled and ambitious team, and we can’t wait to start the journey with even more diverse, brave and bold partners.”

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Transforming Journeys, Inspiring Possibilities. Topodium Group is the transformational ecosystem where creative marketing, training and consultancy, and innovative technology work in synchronicity to power the sport, health and leisure industries. Locations in the UK (Basingstoke), USA (Denver) and SA (Johannesburg).

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