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Topodium Group Middle East Office

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Transforming Journeys, Inspiring Possibilities. Topodium Group is the transformational ecosystem where creative marketing, training and consultancy, and innovative technology work in synchronicity to power the sport, health and wellbeing industries. Locations in the UK (Basingstoke), USA (Denver) and SA (Johannesburg).

March 5, 2021

The home and often birthplace of tech start-ups and advancement has been synonymous with Silicon Valley in the US, however a contender is now trailblazing ahead, causing Tel Aviv in Israel to adopt the moniker of ‘Start Up City’.

Topodium Group is continuing to make great leaps in its expansion and growth since launching in April 2020. The Topodium Group ecosystem, which spans consultancy, innovation, End-to-End marketing, and business growth is increasingly far reaching. The immediate success of this new holistic and agile approach showcases how valuable and in demand the collaborative working and synchronised strategies are in empowering businesses and brands.

The momentum continues to grow in 2021 with the official launch of the Topodium Group Middle East office, based in Israel.

“2021 is all about increasing the awareness of the Topodium Group brand, our innovative business ecosystem and the amazing team that works relentlessly to deliver high-value outcomes and solutions for our partners” said Chris Sharman, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer.

Virgin has noted Israel to be “almost unbeatable” in the current tech start up industry, and the Sports-Tech and Fit-Tech landscape has experienced a phenomenal boom. Israel has produced, and is poised to produce, an enormous number of technology start-ups, given its relatively small size. The collection of start-ups have been incredibly innovative. Topodium Group having a presence within this region provides new and existing partners with unprecedented amounts of potential for excellence, opportunity and growth.

At the start of 2020, Israeli start-ups and technology companies were looking back on a prosperous 2019. Over the last decade, start-up funding for Israeli entrepreneurs increased by 400%. In 2019 there was a 30% increase in start-up funding and a 102% increase in M&A activity. The country was experiencing a six-year upward funding trend. And in 2019, Bay Area investors put $1.4 billion into Israeli companies.

Topodium Group’s business ecosystem is built to provide endless support towards brands and organisations at all the different stages of their journey, so we know we are equipped to support businesses within Israel and the wider regions within the Middle East.

Our vision is to be globally recognised partner for the sport, health and leisure industries, so in order to excel and remain true to our goal and objectives, a presence within the Middle East is a logical next step within our journey. Our global footprint and presence is further expanding to another corner of the world. This launch again ties in with the agency’s growth strategy, much like with the recent launch of our South Africa office and following its success.

Topodium Group’s Co-Founder, Taylor Ohlsen, commented: “Establishing a presence in the Middle East holds two important and substantial benefits for Topodium Group and our partners. It enables us to provide an even better service to our existing partners across the region, and also furthers our position as the go-to growth engine for new and existing brands and organisations across our sector. It’s a huge opportunity for us to assist brands looking to move into Middle Eastern markets, and for those brands in the Middle East to expand into Europe, Africa and North America via our network.”

The launch of the new Middle East office sees the introduction of Donna Osher as Topodium Group’s new Business Manager for the Middle East.

With a substantial health and fitness background since 1991 during her time in LA, where she began her career as a group exercise and fitness instructor, Donna is a heavy-weight in the industry and is known for bringing the fun and joy into physical activity.

This passion has not left her system 30 years later, constantly striving to help other people achieve their goals and act as a mentor and motivator, instilling self confidence back into her clients.

She also has a global experience under her belt, having worked in the UK, USA and Israel having been involved in some incredible industry opportunities including creating her own brand, training courses and programmes for kids.

Donna also re-iterates her excitement for Topodium Group’s involvement in the Middle Eastern Landscape, stating how exciting a time it is to launch, particularly with all the opportunities that are present in this growing industry.

“I’m excited, motivated and grateful for the opportunity. With peace and trade agreements that have now spread across the Middle East, this will now open up huge opportunities with the likes of Dubai, UAE, Bahrain and other countries across the region.”

There is nothing but exciting potential with both this launch and the introduction of Donna to the Topodium Group team, and we are all eager to see the successes, partnerships and collaborations that this new venture will bring.

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Transforming Journeys, Inspiring Possibilities. Topodium Group is the transformational ecosystem where creative marketing, training and consultancy, and innovative technology work in synchronicity to power the sport, health and leisure industries. Locations in the UK (Basingstoke), USA (Denver) and SA (Johannesburg) and ME (Israel).

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