Topodium Group launches: the new global sports, health and leisure agency

Topodium Group Launches

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Transforming Journeys, Inspiring Possibilities. Topodium Group is the transformational ecosystem where creative marketing, training and consultancy, and innovative technology work in synchronicity to power the sport, health and wellbeing industries. Locations in the UK (Basingstoke), USA (Denver) and SA (Johannesburg).

April 1, 2020

Sports and leisure industry experts Chris Sharman and Taylor Ohlsen set up new sports, health and leisure agency.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Topodium Group, a new sports, health and leisure agency focused on delivering full-service, end-to-end solutions for brands and businesses in the sports, health and leisure industry.

Co-Founded by Chris Sharman and Taylor Ohlsen, two well-respected and established professionals in the world of sports technology and leisure consultancy, Topodium Group already spans three continents with locations in Basingstoke (United Kingdom), Denver (United States) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

Topodium Group’s aim is to collaborate with companies in a unique transformational ecosystem, where creative marketing, innovative technology, and training and consultancy work in synchronicity to power the success of our ambitious and bold partners (clients).

Together we’re setting out on a journey… taking brands and businesses to the top podium.

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Taylor Ohlsen, commented, “First and foremost, our priority is to work closely with our partners to understand the journey they are on and the challenges they face. At every step of that journey, we provide trusted experience, reliable support and ambitious yet achievable solutions for cost-effective business growth and strategic success.”

Ohlsen continued, “We’re giving companies and individuals the opportunity to access end-to-end innovative and creative solutions, professional expertise and business strategies that were once 5th or 6th on their wish lists, and are now 1st thanks to our ability to reduce costs across multiple projects, creative agility and ingenuity, and comprehensive industry knowledge.”

Chris Sharman, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer added, “We are a health, leisure and sports agency, but we’re also much more. The transformational ecosystem which we have established allows partners to span multiple parts of our businesses; it’s streamline efficiency, it’s consistent communications and care; it’s working as an extension of our partners teams and business to achieve their objectives.”

In 2019, in the UK alone there were roughly 6.7 thousand health and fitness clubs in the United Kingdom with approximately 9.7 million members,  and of those clubs, close to half are solely fitness clubs, generating a total annual turnover of 1.9 billion British pounds.

Sharman, whose professional background is in children’s sports consultancy and engagement, is focused on levelling the playing field for brands and businesses in these sectors by providing high-quality, lower-cost services to the full spectrum of small, medium and larger enterprises.

“Operational size and budget should not be such significant barriers to whether you can deliver for your sporting and fitness communities. We are more aware than ever before of the benefits of leisure and sports activities, both for physical health and our mental wellbeing, and as Topodium Group we want to enable companies to achieve the awareness, the engagement, the memberships and the outcomes that create true social change and transformation.”

When asked in a 2019 annual survey whether they liked playing sports, 29 percent of children stated they did and the majority of 61 percent said they loved it. Over a third of children are active across the week and almost one fifth are active on a daily basis.

“Having worked for global brands, and within health clubs and leisure centres for many years, I’ve witnessed first-hand that transition of sport and physical activity. It has certainly become more accessible to children, young adults and ageing populations but at a cost for many providers – and that is where our ecosystem approach reduces the unnecessary resource and price-tags.”

As Topodium Group, we provide leisure and sports businesses with diverse services which span our four divisions.

Services range from developing and training staff; to activity/programme creation and delivery; to creative and digital marketing; to software and technology platform development; to apparel and merchandise design, manufacturing and distribution. We even have a specialist architectural designer to take care of your physical space, customer flow and point of sale!

Topodium Active

The home of fitness and sporting goods/product and programme development, leisure consultancy and training, and operational strategy to help accelerate sustainable growth for adult fitness, leisure and sport brands and businesses.

View Topodium Active

Topodium Innovation

The catalyst for sport brands, fitness organisations and leisure businesses to achieve breakthrough growth in a digital capacity. Topodium Innovation provides activity and sports technology services for all generations to flourish, promoting learning and engagement through intuitive platforms and solutions built for the future.

View Topodium Innovation

Topodium Kids

Topodium Kids provides innovative strategy and solutions in the world of children’s activity, children’s sport and children’s education. With years of experience across children’s sports engagement and consultancy, and by driving the standards of those working with children and young people, Topodium Kids is innovating and bringing fresh perspective in a fun, engaging and responsive way.

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Topodium Marketing

Topodium Marketing builds the sport and leisure brands of tomorrow. Through creative, digital and strategic marketing services, partners can leverage the likes of performance-led sports marketing, membership fan and follower engagement, increased brand awareness and social presence, and sales generation for increased revenue.

View Topodium Marketing

The transformational ecosystem where creative marketing, innovative technology, and training and consultancy work in synchronicity to power the sports, health and leisure industries.

We’re excited to already be working collaboratively with some big names in the sports, health and leisure industry. The Topodium Group ecosystem supports partners such as David Lloyd Leisure, Aspria Health Clubs, and BlazePod.

Our global team of experts cannot wait to work with even more amazing partners; from holiday and summer camp providers, to theme parks and children’s soft play centres, to fitness brands and professionals, to outdoor activities, to gyms and health clubs, to coaches and sports teams, to spectator and sporting events – whoever you are, whatever your specialism, we’re here for the journey.

About Topodium Group

Transforming Journeys, Inspiring Possibilities. Topodium Group is the transformational ecosystem where creative marketing, training and consultancy, and innovative technology work in synchronicity to power the sport, health and leisure industries. Locations in the UK (Basingstoke), USA (Denver) and SA (Johannesburg).

For media enquiries about Topodium Group, or to request further images or interview opportunities, please contact Head of Brand and Marketing, Ryan Grimshaw. T: +44 (0)3302 233 613 E:

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